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Huffing and puffing

Puff is the Norwegian word for stool. It took some huffing and puffing to get this baby filled, but here it is – my first knitted piece of furniture….




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Pottit-Anna (Anna Potato)

A childrens clothing collection in organtic cotton. The garments were bought at American Apparel. I designed and hand printed all the motives. I also designed and programmed a small web store, but realised that I am enjoy making more than maintaining, and I shut it down.


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Illustrations for your ears only

Illustrations for a guide to people new to a hearing aid.


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Teddies with trouble

Part of my MA. Photography Colin Eick.


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Easter eggs gone bananas

Happy easter!


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Random lines


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The pimple badge

Change your identity in a second. Put these pimple or tattoo badges on and become an instant nerd or pretty cool. Collaboration with Maren Anna Olstad.


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