Huffing and puffing

Puff is the Norwegian word for stool. It took some huffing and puffing to get this baby filled, but here it is – my first knitted piece of furniture….





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4 responses to “Huffing and puffing

  1. That is awesome. Did you make up the pattern?

  2. Wow! i mean really! it’s fabulous. where’s the pattern from?

  3. lovinda76

    Thanks guys;) I didn´t even know someone knew about this site….
    Anyways. It´s a self-made pattern. I have used a pretty thick yarn (requiring needle 9 mm). I used a triple thread and 15 mm needles (sorry, don´t know us size…). It extremely simple. You cast on 35 stitches and knit (the garter stitch) until you have reached the desired length. I used 18 balls all together. It becomes fairly stretchy, and mine measures about 1,5 meters on the widest when stuffed. Cast off, and sew it together to make a circle. Then sew it together in the bottom. Now you´re ready to stuff it;) After a whole lot of research I decided to buy two really cheap duves (feather and down). I arranged this as a ball, and stuffed the stool. Now sew the top and voila – you´ve got yourself a stool.

  4. I saw the post in the tag surfer; one of the tags I follow is knitting. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

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