Mr Snow


For the book prosject Graphic Europe that I´m involved in I am making a series of illustrastions based on crochet and knitting. I am taking snapshots as if I was a tourist in my own city, but I am replacing one element in each picture with s made object like this snowman. Getting excited! The book is due in October, and is being published by London based Cicada Books.

My son was so scared of the snowman when he got up this morning and discovered it. Poor thing.




Filed under craft, illustration

5 responses to “Mr Snow

  1. Vilken rolig idé! Och vilken snögubbe!! 😀

  2. lovinda76

    Tusen takk!!

  3. heidi

    Stakkars nils. Men herregud så kul, jeg gleder meg kjempemye til å se bildene!

  4. Oj vad stor! Och fin! Det måste måste tagit mycket garn och tid att virka den.

  5. Just det ja, skulle ju säga att det är kul att du är med i utlottnignen 🙂

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