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Red Cross Poster

This is a project I´ve done at McCann where I work. I wanted to include this job as I also illustrated it. It is a poster for a really great service offered by Red Cross Norway, where children and youngsters can email or call anonymously to ask about whatever. This poster is meant for the youngest part of the target grounp, and we made it as an alphabeth poster where every letter has an item or subjectmatter connected to it that suggests themes to talk to Red Cross about.






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Pottit-Anna (Anna Potato)

A childrens clothing collection in organtic cotton. The garments were bought at American Apparel. I designed and hand printed all the motives. I also designed and programmed a small web store, but realised that I am enjoy making more than maintaining, and I shut it down.


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Karen Jo Fields

Site and CD cover design for singer/songwriter Karen Jo Fields.


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Alpaca Society

Identity design for fashion brand Alpaca Society.


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Han med barten (The guy with the mustache)

Identity design for sounddesigner Johannes Ringen aka The guy with the mustache.


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